Zoombomb CHED student webinar with Sandro Marcos to highlight martial law atrocities

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, October 6) – Dozens of Zoombomb students and youth representatives hosted a webinar with Sandro Marcos, grandson of the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, as a speaker to highlight crimes committed during martial law.

Marcos spoke of “redefining the role of young people in nation-building” at the virtual student congress organized on Tuesday by the Commission for Higher Education in the Cordillera administrative region.

Halfway through his pre-recorded Zoom speech, participants changed their usernames to “Never Again”, “#MarcosMagnanakaw” and “Marcos diktador” in protest.

One participant also changed his username to “Archimedes Trajano”, the student activist who was tortured and killed in 1977 after publicly questioning Senator Imee Marcos, Sandro’s aunt.

Akbayan Youth President RJ Naguit, the party’s second candidate on the party’s list in the upcoming election, shared Zoombombing screenshots.

He said attendees who wanted to ask questions were not entertained and the chat box was turned off.

Naguit said they protested Sandro’s participation because he did not represent young people and did not have the credibility to talk about nation building. He also expressed his disgust at CHED for choosing him as a speaker.

“It is disappointing that the Higher Education Commission has provided a platform for this young dictator whose only interest is to rehabilitate the political power of his family,” he said in a statement. series of tweets.

“We must deploy all means to prevent a return of Marcos. Nagawa na natin ito noong 2019, wag rin natin hahayaan na makabalik sa 2022! (We did it in 2019, we should not allow them to come back in 2022! )”, he added.

The Zoombombing occurred hours before Sandro’s father, former Senator Bongbong Marcos, announced his candidacy for the presidency. Sandro has also declared his intention to stand as a representative of Ilocos Norte.

Human rights groups have criticized the Marcos clan’s plans for 2022, saying it is an affront to martial law victims who have suffered during the 21 years of the Marcos regime.

The hashtags #NeverAgain and # BBMIsMyPresident2022 were the hottest topics as critics and supporters exchanged views on Bongbong’s presidential bid.

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